About us

Welcome to seku School of Education, Humanities & Social Sciences

The School of Education has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of SEKU’s largest school, with over 2,500 students today. The growth of student population within the short time is attributable to its popularity as a result of the prevailing good working environment.
The School is proud of the quality of teachers it has so far produced. As the current class graduates, we are confident that their future is bright and promising. We in the school wish you well and pray that you enjoy every favor as you start your career. The staff in the school are sure that they have fulfilled the demands of the vision of the school, which is to be globally competitive.
The School has sufficiently equipped you with the knowledge, the skills and the attitudes you need as you go out there to serve diligently and make a name for SEKU where you will be. The School currently has four departments namely; Educational Administration and Planning, Educational Psychology, Educational Foundations and Educational Communication and Technology. The staff from the four departments in the school have prepared you holistically. Currently the School has over 40 PhD registered students, over 160 Masters Students and over 2,300 Undergraduate Students. Therefore, we send you out there confidently with the spirit of the Motto “to serve Humanity, to initiate positive change and transform lives”.